Stud Services

We at Joval are Extremely proud of our breeding program and the quality of dogs produced.
Stud Services are offered for Approved Bitches. If you are interested in using one of the dogs listed
below please contact us and provide a 3 or 4 generation pedigree for the intended bitch
along with hip scores and health clearances.

BISS Am GCHB Joval It's My Time

Drew's Page

"Drew" is an outstanding dog with correct confirmation, powerful movement & temperament - all rolled into one package. He was undefeated to his championship in 2 weekends with all majors, including a Best of Breed and Group 3 at Hatboro I and WD & BOW at Montgomery.

Since becoming a Grand Champion, Drew has earned multiple Group Placements and continues to represent Joval well at selected shows and specialties.

Drew has sired numerous litters in the US and abroad. Look for his progeny at upcoming sweepstakes.

Penn Hip 80th Percentile
OFA Hips
OFA Elbows Normal AT-EL287M25-VPI

OFA Cardiac Normal AT-CA28/21M/P-VPI

BIS JP & Am GCH Joval Must Be Magic


Merlin's Page




Penn Hip 70th Percentile (0.44, 0.49)
OFA Hips Good (AT-5625G27M-VPI)
OFA Elbows Normal (AT-EL409M27-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal (AT-CA58/12M/P-VPI)

Am GCH Joval Faith & Glory of Love


Westin's Page





Penn Hip 90th Percentile (0.41, 0.42)
OFA Hips Good (AT-5627G27M-VPI)
OFA Elbows Normal (AT-EL410M27-VPI)
OFA Cardiac Normal (AT-CA57/12M/P-VPI)

BIS Am GCH Joval Trident of Poseidon


Dino's Page



Penn Hip (0.35, 0.33) ~ 90th Percentile
OFA Cardiac Normal (AT-CA81/22M/P-VPI)


Am GCH Joval Galaxy Quest


Henry's Page




Penn Hip 80th Percentile (0.44, 0.47)
OFA Hips Excellent (AT-5643E25M-VPI)
OFA Elbows Normal (AT-EL418M25-VPI)
OFA Cardiac Normal (AT-CA69/15M/P-VPI)

Am GCH Joval This Ain't No Disco


Kwinn's Page




Penn Hip 100th Percentile (0.12, 0.16)
OFA Cardiac Normal (AT-CA12/14M/P-VPI)

Am GCH Joval Black Pearl


Sean's Page




Penn Hip 100th Percentile (0.33, 0.32)
OFA Hips Excellent (AT-5556E26M-VPI)
OFA Elbows Normal (AT-EL382M26-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal (AT-CA53/15M/P-VPI)

BIS Am GCHS Joval Diamond in the Sky


Connor's Page




Penn Hip 95th Percentile (0.38, 0.38)
OFA Hips Good (AT-5751G59M-VPI)
OFA Elbows Normal (AT-EL456M51-VPI)
OFA Cardiac Normal (AT-CA53/15M/P-VPI)
PLN Kidney Disease - Clear
OFA CHIC # 128815

BISS Am GCH Joval On Angel's Wings

Jake's Page      Jake's Printable Pedigree

"Jake" is a stunning dog with excellent breed type, offering clean head, long neck, magnificent tail set and angulations, with lots of reach and drive.

He earned his Championship in 3 Weekends and his Grand Championship in 3 more ... All this by the age of 18 Months. At the end of 2011 and after only 2 months of showing  he was ranked as  #5 Airedale with 2 Group Firsts and multiple other Group Placements. Jake also earned an Award of Merit at the 2011 Montgomery County National Specialty.

Jake is an excellent and  proven sire who carries and passes along many of the desirable qualities of his mom and our Crufts & World Winner Joval Angel’s Kiss - ‘Krissi’. In fact, many of his offspring carry striking resemblances to Krissi as well as his litter sister Wispa - Am GCH Joval Angel's Whisper.

Penn Hip 70th Percentile (0.48, 0.41)
OFA Cardiac Normal
OFA Elbows Normal AT-EL249M24-VPI
OFA Eyes Normal AT-EYE20/49M-VPI

 ( Frozen Semen Only)


BIS Int CH JP & Am CH C. K. Terra JP’s RockRidge Figaro


Eku's Page

"Eku" was Number 1 Airedale Terrier in Japan for 2011, 2012 & 2013. He is a Multiple Best In Show Winner and holds the award of Supreme Dog and so far in his career he has earned:

3 Bests in Show
2 Reserve Bests in Show
5 Reserve Kings
28 Group 1sts - including 7 Group 1sts at FCI Int shows
18 Group 2nds - including 2 Group 2nds at FCI Int Shows
11 Group 3rds - including 2 Group 3rds at FCI Int shows
3 Group 4ths at FCI Int Shows

"Eku" has been imported into the United States and has joined the JOVAL Kennel.

Thank you Chisato for entrusting this wonderful boy with us.

Penn Hip 100th Percentile (0.25, 0.26)
OFA Cardiac Normal (AT-CA50/68M/P-VPI)
JAHD Hips (6:4)
Elbows - Normal, Patella - Normal

BISS Int, Am & Can CH Joval-Arily Grand Illusion

Ozzy's Page     Ozzy's Progeny

Ozzy's Printable Pedigree

"Ozzy", is an impressive and well-balanced dog with an outgoing temperament, superb movement short back, beautiful angles, superior coat and lovely expression. He is a proven sire with many champions and promising youngsters to his credit.

A Best in Specialty Show Winner with numerous Group Placements, he is a real showman who finished his championship with FOUR Majors over Two Weekends including going Best of Winners at Devon and Reserve Winners Dog at Montgomery in 2007.

In  2008, Ozzy Won his Best In Show at the Terrier Breeder's Association Specialty in Canada, Won the Res. Certificate at the World Dog Show in Stockholm, and earned Awards of Merit at both the Hatboro and Montgomery Specialties.

For 2008, Ozzy is #1 Airedale in Canada and #8 Airedale in the USA and named to the U.S. Eukanuba Top 25 dogs.

OFA Hips Good (AT-4657G24M-VPI),
OFA Cardiac Clear (AT-CA7/26M/P-VPI),
BVA Hips 5:5. CERF Clear (AT-288/2007--10)

( Frozen Semen Only)

BIS Int, Interra, Srb, Mne, BG  & Am CH Joval Leap of Faith

Austin's Page

"Austin" is a multiple Best of Breed  & Group Winner who finished his championship very quickly with 3 majors; the last one being Winners Dog at Devon 2008.

Austin is a wonderful, sweet boy with a great temperament & excellent health clearances. He has proven to be an excellent sire, passing along his beautiful head, long neck, short & level back and perfect tail set with plenty of rear angulations


Penn Hip 80th Percentile (0.48, 0.30)
CERF Clear (AT-292/2007)
OFA Cardiac Clear

( Frozen Semen Only)

Am CH Joval Hatsukoi of Love

Enzo's Page

"Enzo" is a correct and moderately built dog who offers good head planes, nice shoulder layback, level top line, good tail set, great coat and well angulated behind with excellent movement.


Penn Hip 90th Percentile (0.41, 0.27)
OFA Hips Excellent (AT-4898E25M-VPI)
OFA Cardiac Clear (AT-CA6/13M/P-PI)
CERF Clear (AT-305N/2008--15)


( Frozen Semen Only )

Am CH Joval Light My Fire

Logan's Page

"Logan" is a Multiple Specialty & Sweepstakes Winner, earning numerous BOB's during his career. He easily finished his championship with 3 majors - going BOB over the specials.

Logan has proven to be an excellent sire with a very strong mother's side - passing his wonderful temperament, fluid movement and correct conformation; thus creating a high
desirable combination.

He has sired several champions in both the US and Europe

OFA Hips Good (AT-3903G24)
Penn Hip 80th Percentile
CERF Clear (AT-275/2006)

( Frozen Semen Only )

Am CH Joval Angel in Disguise

Ollie's Page

"Ollie" is litter brother to our Krissi, BIS, Int., Su, Ca, Am GCH Joval Angel's Kiss, who earned his championship easily, before turning eighteen months old, and has much to offer. He has a Stunning head and expression, short back, gorgeous coat, nice top line & tail set.

He has good & correct movement with plenty of reach and drive. Ollie also has a wonderful temperament and is a pleasure to live with.


Penn Hip 70th Percentile (0.50, 0.50)

( Frozen Semen Only )

Am Am CH Moden Taip Aviator at Joval

Evan's Page

"Evan" was imported into the United States from Russia as a puppy. He matured into a beautiful dog with lots of substance and bone.

As can be seen in his pedigree, Evan carries a strong mix of Russian and English bloodlines from Stargus Kennels. His temperament and intelligence allow him to excel in obedience as well as conformation showing.


Penn Hip 65th Percentile (0.48, 0.52)

( Frozen Semen Only )

BIS, Eng & Am CH Joval Jumpin' Jack Flash at Jokyl

Jack's Page

"Jack" is a Zeta (BIS Eng & Am CH Jokyl Flashback) son, carrying three-quarters English bloodlines in his pedigree. He finished his U.S. Championship easily by only 18 months old and then moved to England.

Jack was Top Airedale in England for both 2005 & 2007.

He was also named Top Sire in the UK for 2007 & 2009.

BVA Hips 4:4

( Frozen Semen Only )

Am CH Oak Grove Yatasto of Joval

Dillon's Page

"Dillon" is Argentinean by birth, out of the Oak Grove Kennels. After arrival in the U.S., Dillon earned his U.S. Championship easily in three weekends by winning three majors.

Dillon carries strong English lines through his world famous sire CH Jokyl Wizard and has sired several Champions in the U.S. and abroad.



OFA Hips Good (AT-3817G30M-PI)

( Frozen Semen Only )

SE UCh SE V-08 SE V-09 Joval Cast a Golden Shadow

Mason's Page

"Mason" went to Sweden when he was a youngster, but soon became well known in that country, being named Top Airedale in both 2008 & 2009.

He is a proven sire with numerous offspring being shown in Europe towards their own championships.


Penn Hip 70th Percentile
Swedish Hip Score - A

( Frozen Semen Only )

Frozen Semen is available for other Selected dogs in the Joval Breeding Program
Limited Availability - Contact us for specifics





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