Companions & Pets

Every Litter produced by Joval was done with he goal of improving the overall health of the breed.
We strictly conform to the
AKC breed standard in both temperament and physical characteristics.
Since MOST of our puppies are placed as companions, we need to make sure they
will live long, happy & healthy lives as members of their new homes.

If you are interested in either a puppy or an older dog from Joval, please visit our Puppy Info Page
to read about the process we follow, and also complete our
Prospective Owner Questionnaire.
If you have ANY questions along the way, feel free to email us.

Fun Photo Galleries
     pictures from our extended Joval Family

     from new members of our Joval Family

AKC Breed Standard     Prospective Owner Questionnaire


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Dr. Valeria Rickard & John Rickard
Leesburg, VA

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