Joval Dogs Quick List

For your navigation assistance, we have put together an alphabetical list of Joval Dogs
whose name hyperlinks to their "Feature Page". From there you can easily reach their pedigree and related pages.

Title(s) Registered Name Call Name
BIS Eng & Am CH Jokyl Flashback Zeta
Am CH Joval Anniversary Starlight Pippa
BISS Am & Can CH Joval-Arily Grand Illusion Ozzy
  Joval A Big Hunk of Love Simon
Am CH Joval A Moment of Glory Jodie
  Joval Always on My Mind Mindy
Am CH Joval Angel Fire Raven
Am CH Joval Angel in Disguise Ollie
Am CH Joval Angel's Curtain Call Zoe
Am CH Joval Angel's Double Delight Delilah
Am CH Joval Angel's Dream Jenna
Am CH Joval Angel's Fanfare Gabe
Am CH Joval Angel's Heavenly Errand Randy
BIS Int, World, Can, Su & Am Grand CH Joval Angel's Kiss Krissi
  Joval Angel's Pearl Pearl
BIS BISS Am GCHG Joval Angel's Whisper Wispa
Am GCH Joval Black Pearl Sean
Su CH Joval Cast A Golden Shadow Mason
Am CH Joval Dancing Queen Kiwi
BIS Int, Isr CH Joval Dare to Dream Dreamer
Am CH Joval's Diamond in the Sky Connor
Am CH Joval Don't Stop Believin' Lottie
Am CH Joval Dream Maker Sunny... a.k.a. Mr. B
Am CH Joval Faith & Glory of Love Westin
Am CH Joval Faith in the Future Devon
Am CH Joval Fire Cracker Harry
Am CH Joval Fire Dancer Dani
Am CH Joval Flash De Rockingdale Kitty
Am CH Joval Flashback to the Best of Times Tyler
  Joval Flower in the Frost Jessie
Am CH Joval Follow the Dream Steffi
Am CH Joval Forever My Darling Gina
 Rus, Lith, NKP, RKF CH Joval Frost & Fire Garry
  Joval Galaxy Quest Henry
Am CH Joval Goddezz of Love Dezi
  Joval Gotta Have Faith Nina
Am CH Joval Hatsukoi of Love Enzo
Am CH Joval Hearts of Fire Hailey
Am CH Joval HP's Heart and Soul Suzie
  Joval HP's Heart of Gold Heidi
Int, J & Ru, Tu, RKF Grand CH Joval Illusions of the Mind Sam
BISS AM GCHB Joval It's My Time Drew
Am & Eng CH Joval Jumpin' Jack Flash at Jokyl Jack
Am & Can CH Joval Keeping the Faith Rachel
Am CH Joval Lady Starlight Maxie
BIS, Int, Interra, SRB, MNE, BG,  & Am CH Joval Leap of Faith Austin
Am CH Joval Light My Fire Logan
Am CH Joval Never Say Never Eve
Int, Arg CH Joval Oak Grove Dream Chaser Chase
BIS Int Arg CH Joval Oak Grove Earth and Fire Hannah
Am GCH Joval On Angel's Wings Jake
Am CH Joval Playing With Fire Morgan
  Joval Rainbow in the Frost Jessi
  Joval Royal Flash Liz
Am CH Joval Royal Jewel at Longvue` Dee-Dee
Am CH Joval's Ruby Red Angel Ruby
Am CH Joval Secrets of the Mind Mila
Am CH Joval Serendipity Mighty Aphrodite Leia
  Joval Set the World on Fire Heidi
  Joval Smart & Sassy True Love Abby
Su CH Joval Smart Money Ben
BIS Int, World, Mx CH Joval Starlight Rendezvous Ronnie
Am CH Joval Stella By Starlight Stella
BIS BISS AM GCHG Joval Sweet Time Splenda
  Joval This Ain't No Disco Kwinn
Jr & Rom CH Joval Victory of the Mind Morris
  Joval Victoria's Secret Vikki
Am CH Joval Vitorious Starlight Vita
Can CH Joval's Charli Angel at Tappenaire Charlie
Am CH Moden Taip Aviator at Joval Evan
Am CH Oak Grove Yatasto of Joval Dillon
Am CH Serendipity-Joval ode to Bandar Eddie
Rus CH ToyBritt von Morgenstern Toybritt
BIS Int, Am & JP Supreme Champion CK Terra JP’s RockRidge Figaro Eku


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