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Prospective Puppy
Owner Questionnaire
All NEW Clients of Joval Airedales MUST complete this Questionnaire before we will respond to any inquiry.
The rationale for this stipulation is clearly outlined on our website's Getting a JOVAL Puppy Page

Please provide your Primary Contact Information

Street Address
City, State & Zip
Reply to
E-mail **
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Please Tell us about your Family/Household:

Description Single Married Unmarried Couple/Roommates
Names & Ages
Profession(s) &
Work Schedule
Other Family
in the Home
Age & Relation
Other Pets
in the Home
Species & Ages

Current Residence Information:

Type of Home Single Family/Detatched Townhouse Apartment or Condo Other (explain in general comments)
Ownership Own Rent
Neighborhood City Suburban Rural Farm
With a Yard? Yes No
Fencing Type? Chain Link Privacy Split Rail Electronic Other None

Describe where you live to include any more details that help paint a full picture of your home.

Past and Present - Pet Specifics

Including your current dogs, what breeds have you owned and what happened to them?

Who would be the primary daily caretaker of the dog, and describe a typical day in their life.

Who is your current or prospective veterinarian?

What are your plans for exercising your dog during inclimate weather?

Does your family travel often, would the dog travel with you and/or how the dog be cared for during your absence?

Will your dog primarily live Inside or Outside of the House?
How many hours will the dog be left alone during the day? Never Less than 4 hours 4 to 8 hours More than 8 hours

Which of the following activities are you interested in engaging with your dog? (check any/all that apply)
Conformation Shows
Search and Rescue
Hunting and Working

For the above checked areas of interest, please describe why and history in each.

Do you plan on Crate Training your Puppy? Yes No
Do you plan on taking your Puppy to obedience/manners/good citizen classes? Yes No
Are you willing to provide us with follow-up reports as needed or requested? Yes No

Are you interested in a Male / Female / Either (no preference), and why?

Are you interested in a puppy, teen-ager, or adult and why?

What is your preferred timeframe for getting a puppy and why?

If you could describe the PERFECT dog, traits, behaviors, size, etc... You would want them to be?

Airedale Specifics

How and why did you choose an Airedale Terrier over other breeds for this addition to your family?

What is your experience with Airedales and/or other Terriers?

Are you familiar with the grooming requirements for an Airedale and would you be doing this grooming yourself?

General Information

How did you hear about JOVAL Airedales and why did you choose our Kennel?

Elaborate on any special circumstances that you wish to be considered that were not discussed elsewhere on this form.

To Validate that you are a HUMAN completing this form, type JOVAL (in all caps) in the box below.

By Clicking the "Submit Answers" Button below, I attest that ALL information entered on this form is true to the best of my knowledge. Further, I certify that I am 18 years old or older and acknowledge that I have researched the Airedale breed and are ready, willing and financially able to properly and without limitation provide proper living environment, proper health care and adequate training. JOVAL Airedales reserves the right not to sell a puppy to anyone and for ANY reason. (This includes but is not limited to our wish to retain the puppy for our breeding program, or we have found a home that we feel is more suitable for a specific puppy, or we have new information regarding your application.)





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