American Champion
Joval Hatsukoi of Love


Joval Hatsukoi of Love (Enzo)
is another of the JOVAL dogs who finished his championship very quickly... in all taking less than 2 months of occasional showing. Enzo's owners (our new friends) John Evans and Joanne Dean, were very supportive during the grooming & showing process which made the brief road to his championship all the more enjoyable. Many thanks to John & Joanne and we hope they celebrate the attainment of the Champion Title as much as we do. Enzo has earned all the treats he can eat :)

Pedigree of  Am CH Joval Hatsukoi of Love
Reg No. AKC/RN13954304 Breed Airedale Terrier
Date of Birth 05/25/2007 Color Black & Tan
Sex Male Call Name Enzo
Owners John Evans & JoAnne Dean &
Dr. Valeria Rickard
Penn Hip 90th Percentile (0.41, 0.27)
OFA Hips Excellent (AT-4898E25M-VPI)
OFA Cardiac Clear (AT-CA6/13M/P-PI)
CERF Clear (AT-305N/2008--15)
Breeder Dr. Valeria Rickard & John Rickard DNA Profile #V526078
Joval A Big Hunk Of Love

Penn Hip 100% (0.33, 0.38)
Am Can CH Bristol Aires Unsung Hero
AKC/RM23644001 90% Penn Hip (0.32; 0.32);
CERF AT-195/99-15 3/26/1998
Am/Can CH Bristol Aires Fanfare
AKC/RB235808 OFA 1170G25 2/5/1988
Am CH Bristol Aires Pride and Joy
AKC/RM10397502 OFA 2209G25;
CERF AT-168/97-36  DOB: 1/26/1994
Am CH Joval Lady Starlight
AKC/ RM34188601
BIS, Am CH Serendipity's Eagle's Wings
AKC/RM 06559001    OFA-26F
BIS, Eng, Am CH Jokyl Flashback
AKC/RM31955501    OFA-47G; BVA 7:4
Am CH Joval Serendipity Mighty Aphrodite

OFA-3844 G24
Eng, Fr CH Stanstead Apollo by Jokyl
TKC/ Y1501301Y02
BVA 3:8
Eng CH Jokyl Something Hot
TKC/ KCSB 2899CE   BVA 4:4   DOB:3/27/1993
Eng CH Stanstead Shining Star
TKC/Q03 3209CA   BVA 5:5   DOB:9/16/1992
Serendipity Bonds of Love
AKC/ RM19767402
OFA-2762 G25
Am CH Terrydale's Int'l Affair
AKC/ RA94655601   OFA-1881 E62    DOB:3/19/1989
Am CH Serendipity Rejoices
AKC/RM06559002   OFA-1956 F25    DOB:8/12/1992

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