Every new owner is encouraged to keep us informed through emails, letters and pictures
about how they and their new family member is doing. Client satisfaction is our goal and
we work very hard to ensure the puppy acquisition process goes as smoothly as possible for the
benefit of the Puppy and their new family.

We are proud to be able to list some of the comments received from our extended Joval family
members below. We wish to thank everyone who took the time to write these kind words
as well as send us pictures. Don't forget to check out the
Fun Gallery.


He's a joy in ours lives! The best friend

Happy New Year. All the best from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I won't send you a million pics but just had to share this.

Callie and Sophie are like 2 peas in a pod. Callie is just the sweetest puppy and is adjusting quite well so far. I love her to pieces already.

Good job picking her out for us. She's perfect!


Just wanted to let you know that little Mollie is growing like a weed and a great little dog.  Her trainer says he wishes that all his puppies were as smart as she is (he must not have trained many Airedales!  ;-) ).  Anyway, even tho’ I’ve been traveling and Greg is not much into training, she picks up everything really quickly and tries.  Remember what you said about how much you like the way Airedales move, I think you’d like the way she struts and prances…she’s adorable.

Thank you so much for your attention to maintaining the quality and intelligence in this breed.


Hi Valeria, 

Just popping in to let you and John know that we are absolutely thrilled with our little girl, Zana.  She certainly was worth waiting for!  She is very bright and has adapted well to her new surroundings.  I’ve posted a few pictures on the Joval Extended Family FaceBook page – she is not only beautiful, but she is a true love bug!  She loves people and is enjoying the company of other dogs.

You are doing such an excellent job with your breeding program. 

Puppy class is going well despite their short attention span at this age – from there we will be attending  Obedience 1 and 2.  It seems like a lot of work at the time, but it is so worth it later on. 

We have had her a month today!  She is changing and growing so fast!  Thanks again for choosing the perfect puppy for us.  We just love her so much......also thank John for the FaceBook page – I think its wonderful!  We are in contact with her 2 brothers, Meeko and Wilson!  Life is good!

Donna & Gary
Good morning and best wishes to you and your family Valeria!
I wanted to thank you for my little Phoebe, she's the best gift I could have ever imagined! Everyday is an adventure and full of learning - for both of us, she's really been a great addition to my life.
Believe it or not I think she has grown 5" taller and 8 " longer! She now weighs 23.4 lbs!
We managed to survive the teething stage, thought she was a cat rather than a dog with those sharp teeth! She knows her name and 'sit' and is about 75% +/- potty trained, think it's mostly my fault though.. I'm not catching all the signals.
Phoebe loves the snow and the cold weather. I'm careful not to keep her out too long and dry her off when we come in but she is really enjoying it! She seems intrigued with the snow-powdery snow you can't walk on, the next day it's crusty snow and she can walk on it! So confusing and something which needs to be researched and explored daily!
Thank you, and again, my very  best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy and healthy new year.
All the best,
Lizzie and Vita are great.

I still can't believe how quickly Vita fit into our home. It is like she's been with Lizzie and me all along. Vita particularly seems to enjoy the yard. She and Lizzie are getting along very well. Vita also has taken to get new grandfather.

I want you to know that I LOVE Lizzie and Vita very much. I will always take great care of them. I really think Vita is happy with us. Thank you so much for putting her into our lives.

I am looking forward to seeing you at dog shows in the fall. I am enjoying reading about Wispa's accomplishments.

By the way- Vita LOVES to be hugged and kissed!!!  My girls are awesome!  You breed great Airedales!!!!



Hello - thought I would update you on Boats (purple).  He is wonderful!  Probably the smartest pup I have ever had.   He learned to sit in one day, which I thought was amazing.   We are not into many tricks, but hope to get sit, down, stay accomplished.   Potty training is going pretty well, only real accidents are when we don't follow the schedule.  

 Overall he is a delight and loved by all! 

Take care,

Hi, Valeria,

Just wanted to let you know that we completed a six-week training course with Piper. She's so smart! She's a delight to have in the family. She plays SO well with other dogs at the dog park. She sleeps in our bedroom, all through the night with no problem. We are so glad we have her. :)


Peter, Alison, and Natalie

He turned 7 months on October 23. He is a love and a nut!

Fortunately, the puppy teeth are gone and we no longer look like we have needle marks up our arms.

We are delighted to have him as a member of our family! Thank you!




We are still loving Ozzy more than ever!

 He spend the Labor Day weekend on the boat and swimming in the lake every chance he got.  He is absolutely crazy about the water.  He loves to swim and has to be made to get out of the water.

We decided last year to see if he would wear goggles just to be funny.  He will wear them and keep them on.  He swam over 200 yards Saturday beside me in the lake with his goggles on.  

Thank you for such a great addition to our family. 

I hope all is well with you.

Hi Valeria:

It's been a while since I sent you a Bella update. What a little clown she is! She just brings us such joy each and every day. We recently sent her to a 2-week training boot camp and she is now much easier and quicker to calm down when she gets really excited such as when we or guests arrive, going in the car, etc. We are also working with her on being calm when entering and exiting a door she sits and waits until I tell her OK, then she can go through. And of course, she knows all the basic commands sit,stay,down. She's walking well on a loose leash also. You can probably tell from this email that she's our spoiled beautiful little girl! We love her so much!

Thanks for the wonderful work you do breeding these wonderful doggies!

Hey Valeria,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on "Winston." He has been a joy to the family. Adyson loves him (as you can see from the picture) and is getting use to his puppy teeth. :-). He has been to the vet for his first visit and they said he is perfect. We have him signed up for puppy school.

He starts Sept 7th, I'll keep you updated on that. He has already learned how to sit on command. Potty training is coming along as well. He has gotten much better. Thanks again for the wonderful family pet. We will keep you updated.


Hey Valeria,

Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs!  We have thoroughly enjoyed our first week with Tilly and both pup and parents seem to be acclimating well.  

Many thanks, from your new devoted Airedale parents

Karma and Terry


Just wanted to give you a quick update on the puppy, (still undecided on a name, narrowing it down though) she is simply AWESOME! She is very adjusted to us most of the main level and really loves to be in HER back yard. We have had friends over, kids and their dogs and she has loved it all. She is so well behaved and is a joy to be around. She is eating well, using the out doors when needing to and doing well in the crate. Thank you so much! We will keep you up dated and will send pics soon. Thanks again for such a

wonderful puppy, she is the best.




Hattie is a dream. She was super in the car. The bully stick & toy kept her busy, then she slept a good portion of the time. We stopped several times as it took us almost 7 hours. My husband is all smiles. Hattie did not eat much, but drank water (understandable as all is so new). Your staff was wonderful. Very attentive and professional.

Thank you for Hattie.

Ann & John


Toby has become our River greeter.  He swims out to the kayakers and people on floats as they go by - just swims out, paddles around - says hello to them and then swims back.  

Very friendly.  He is a terrific swimmer.



Hi Valeria!

I just wanted to thank you again and give you an update on the puppy. So far his call name is Carly, Ben has had an attachment to that name since he had an imaginary puppy when he was two. His temperament is amazing! He is perfect for our family; not too wild but still wants to play and settles quickly. We'll see how his personality develops over time.

He is very smart and is learning very quickly. Ben adores him and they are getting along wonderfully. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you placing by temperament, not by markings. He is eating well, though hasn't pooped yet, we are going to try again in a bit. 


I wanted to shoot you a picture of Lady and let you know how much we adore her!
She is sweet as can be and a ball of energy to boot.

Thank you so much ... we love her.
Hi Valeria, Our trip home went well, Toulee is a wonderful traveler...
Toulee has checked out our great room and it met with her approval , ate well, pottied outside every time and not in the house plus enjoyed playing with the toys we bought her. She decided Nick's toes were a GREAT toy but we're working on convincing her otherwise. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to love and enjoy raising this little Girl, we'll keep you posted and send pictures. Cheers, 

Sorry to have not emailed you recently but we’ve been pretty busy getting our son settled into the Engineering Program at Tech. Douggy is doing very well here….even better than Charlottesville. I think he’s a natural Hokie :o). He seems to really like being around the farms here….mostly the sheep. Likes the drill field with squirrels and really enjoys the rabbits around Dietrich :o).

Weight remains at 22 lbs, energy is certainly high and he’s maintained a great attitude and continues to eat well. This little guy has brought a lot of happiness into this home. It’s been almost a year now and we all remain most pleased.
The Faulkners

Just wanted to let you know how amazing our new puppy is. He is not only the smartest puppy I've come across, he's already housebroken! I am taking him outside regularly, but he goes to the door to let me know if it's urgent.

Henry's only been here since Friday, but he is right at home and fits in with our family beautifully. We love him.


Sophie has been a gem, sleeping all night, staying in position when a guest comes to the door, the list goes on.
She is a quick learning, always aiming to please, just like you said.


Thank you so much for Gus. Gus did very well going home with us, he is a wonderful puppy, Gus knows how to walk on the leash and how to sit and lay down. He is very smart. Crate training is going very well. Gus is my little shadow, I love him so. Yesterday we went to a pet shop, everyone loved him . Jazz is doing well with him, they really have a good time together. Valeria you are a great breeder...


We are sooo impressed with Sophie and the way you have built her temperament through breeding and training.  She is soo precious and a doll. I took her on two separate strolls yesterday to visit the neighbors and another neighbor came to the house.  I also took her to visit my best friend today; she was so amazed!  We were able to catch up with each other while Sophie lay patiently. Everyone is pleasantly surprised to see such a well behaved puppy.  We know how blessed we are!  Now we need to continue and train ourselves for such a high standard...


Well I'm quite sure by now that Patrick and I got the prize puppy!  He is Mr. Personality Plus and just as smart as he can be.  He and I are Momma and baby dog , I'm afraid.  Hadley has had her moments but she is different with him than I have ever seen her with any dog.  I'm certain she senses his venerability so he gets away with a lot.  She and he have had some beautiful play times.  She is a powerful dog so he gets a beating with her head.  He takes it and runs ears flying, dodging under furniture to escape her strength.  Because they have some of the same moves in play, it is such fun to watch.  Hadley is her bossy self but she allows for his antics. He is growing so fast. 

He stays in his big box at night in his bed next to my side of our bed and he may complain a tiny bit if he wakes up but I just give him my hand and he goes off to sleep again.  When I go out to church and the store in the morning , I put him in his pen with some treats and toys and his bed.  He is right on the rug, not any accidents.  He is so glad to see me when I come home that he just wants to be held instead of being put down.  He is potty training quite nicely, but then I am home not at work all day.  What an appetite!  He knows his bowl so well!  I lifted his bowl out of the dishwashes, not hitting it on anything and he came running from the livingroom into the kitchen.  He also knows his name .  I can call him at the door outside and he comes running as fast as he can.  He is the perfect puppy.

Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog.  Hadley is very independent but so obedient and loving, of course we thank you for her too, she is a prize as well.


... As of today, as far as I am concerned, I am beyond happy with Macie. She is a JOY! Calm, relaxed, sweet, playful, smart are just a few of the adjectives I can name for her. The "crate thing" is no longer an issue. She keeps herself occupied and when she gets tired she willingly goes to the crate by herself and takes her nap. I leave the door open so she can come and go as she pleases. Joey isn't as scared as he was and last night he brought a stuffed elephant to her so she could chase him around the dining room table for a zillion or so times.

In English Macie's name means "gift of the lord". It is surely so!


... As you know, this is Airedale #4 for me and I am blown away.  He is a very special dog and without a doubt the best one that I have ever owned.  We Love him.  Of course, he is stunning and his tail (we call it his monkey tail) is a source of amusement.  It is great that it is wagging so much!  What I really love about him is how well balanced he is.  He just goes with the flow and is game for whatever is going down.  

 Anyhow, I've been meaning to write and thank you for sending him our way.  He is doing great and living a fun-filled life!

Val, Steve & Sid

This is one GREAT pup!  He is so well adjusted and well behaved.  He is sweet to snuggle and so fun to play with.  We really couldn't be happier!   Thank you so much!


She couldn't be more perfect! I have never loved anything more in my life - in the first two short days she has brought us such joy....

Hi Valeria - we just came back from a wonderful trip up to Canada and here are some great pictures of Lucy. She is the love of my life!

Rachel M. Self

Mr. Orange (Milton) is doing great. He is a good boy. He loves the kids, he is just perfect for our family...

The Johnson Family

...Abby is home safe and sound.  Unbelievably, she slept her entire first night until 6:00 am Monday morning.... She is such a wonderful dog...

I have attached a few pictures for you to enjoy.  Thank you again for such a wonderful experience.  You have been most helpful and obviously raise quality Airedales.Chris, Pat, Alex and Abby

First of all THANK YOU!!!

He is doing Fantastic. He arrived no problem, they got him off the flight straight away & He was wide awake.
tail going a mile a minute, licking my face all over. I am totally following the crate training/feeding and so far so great. He is fetching &
returning a ball, On leash out side by the end of yesterday I had him stopping when I stop, then sitting, then walking when I walk again. He is such a happy & healthy guy....


I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that little Colby is doing great! I have attached some photos of him in his holiday attire. He is a great puppy - completely house-trained and quickly picking up new commands and tricks. We love him so much and wanted to thank you again for our new best friend!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.

Best regards,
Josh & Lauren

Merry Christmas! Mindy is was definately the best gift of all. She is a huge hit with my family. All my brothers and sisters agree she is the best airedale we have ever had.


Sparky is doing great, going on three years old. Sparky is still the hit of Argentina and is beautiful, as well as having a sweet personality.
We are very happy with her and thank you for all the hard work you have done to breed such great dogs!


I just want you to know,...you make the NICEST puppies in the world!! The little boy is such a sweetheart!!......just like Wilma. I love them both sooooooo much!!  Thank you so much for the beautiful puppies!! And, I will keep you posted.


I just wanted to take a minute to send a few pictures of Stella and Annie. We've had a couple of play dates so far, and these pictures are from one of those get-togethers. Stella likes to put her paws on my beard so she can feel the whiskers. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that yet, but I'm sure there will be quite a few more chances to get one. ;)

We're really grateful to have two wonderful girls. It will be exciting to watch them grow up!

Best regards,

Just an update on Simon. He is so wonderful! We took him to the lake over the weekend and he loved it. Our son and daughter-in-law were visiting with their two miniature schnauzers, and I wasn't sure how they would all get along, but they were just fine. Simon adjusts well to new situations. He is eating very well and has become very playful over the past few days.

We are really enjoying Simon!


We made it home very late sat evening, and the puppy was GREAT! I held her for a while, and then she slept, so we put her in her crate. She never got sick once. We introduced her to Brian, and they are great, except when she goes near his bowl or his toys - he growls at her... and he is trying to get her toys out of her crate... She seems to really love her crate, and his doing her business outside on schedule when we take her out of the crate.

Thanks! Attached are some photos.

Hi Valeria,

Rosey is wonderful! We have been enjoying her so much -- she is affectionate, smart and sweet. We'll keep in touch -- it must be hard to part with these beautiful pups!


Penny is a wonderful dog. She loves my son and he loves her. She seems to know exactly how wild she can be with him and has the uncanny ability to make him laugh at the drop of a hat. I of course think she is the smartest dog in the world and she's so handsome. She has been an amazing addition to our family.

Thank you again! We just love her.


Good morning Valeria... I wanted to give you an update on Angel. She is definitely the most wonderful dog and is really enjoying life in California. Incredibly smart, intuitive, and playful. she has made herself right at home. Her training is going very well and she is as obedient as one could expect from a 6 month old Airedale. She goes for walks daily with her friends and gets to go swimming in the streams and ponds nearby. She is about 40 pounds now and full of energy but is a very calm dog around our house. She does not chew or dig. All in all, she is perfect.

Thank you very much for getting her to us and picking the right dog for us.

I just want you to know that we are totally in love with Andy. You were right on when you said he was perfect for us. He is! He is such a sweetheart. We just adopted a little girl from Guatemala. She will turn one next week. She and Andy love each other. So, once she gets a little bigger we hope you can help us with another puppy. Andy would love to have a companion.

We will send you some new pictures so you can see how handsome he is!


I just wanted to give you an update that Hudson is doing well and is an absolute joy of a puppy. His self-assurance and demeanor are amazing. It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you. Thank you for your care and passion for these dogs.


I just wanted to let you know Rasteau (Mr. Denim) is doing fine. The older dogs are accepting him. So far he seems to be the boss. Rufina is confused because he tries to nurse her. Everyone gets along. Of course, he is always watched when he is out of the kennel. We have had no problems getting him to eat. He certainly enjoys the raw meat patties, but he will eat kibble at other times. Potty training is going ok. I took him to see the vet and everyone thought he was very sweet. No one had ever seen an Airedale puppy before. We will keep you updated on his progress.

I looked at your web page and saw your clinic. VERY NICE!


Sorry it has taken us so long to send pictures of Jack (Mr. Maroon). He has been a wonderful and loving puppy. Jack gives lots of kisses and always wants to lay by us. Rusty is getting used to her little brother and now they are playing together more and more.

 Soon we are moving to Tennessee, so he will be a well traveled little man. We love him so much and he is such a great addition to our family. Thank you for allowing us to adopt such a beautiful airedale!


Well, one thing is for sure: “Ruckus” is the wrong name. This boy is just way too sweet. We need a much more fun name. He answers to “Woof” so that’s what we call him, but we still need a real name, and “Ruckus” is all wrong. I like “Trousers”
My daughter wants to name him “Fitzwilliam Woof” Dick still likes “Ruckus”

I will let you know when we finally have the perfect name for his personality.

Meanwhile, he is responding beautifully to “come” (but not at all to “sit”). He was SO well-behaved today, and kept me company while I worked. He is very relaxed – he napped in my office on his back with all four feet in the air. And he sure loves to play soccer!

A happy happy boy.

Thank you again for everything. We love this baby dog!

Jack is doing great! He is healthy, his temperament is the best I have had in any of the dogs I have owned over the years. He gets along with everybody. I foster French Bulldogs and he is great with all of them, even the ones that can be a little temperamental. He spends a lot of time at our river house with us and loves it. You can't keep him out of the water. We will never be without an Airedale in our lives.


I just wanted to let you know how well our puppy Willa is doing. Already, she is a beloved member of the family. She is so bright and responsive. She is full of personality and energy, but calms down easily with a bully stick or chew toy, and I'm so pleased at how well she has adapted to her crate. She has a good appetite and, although I'm sure we still have a long way to go, she has made great strides with housebreaking.

I am attaching some pictures, but already they are out of date, because she has grown so and her coat has become fuller--especially on her legs. I will take some more soon and send them along!

We feel so lucky to have Willa! Thank you for entrusting her to us.


Today I pulled up at home from work and there was Finn - so happy I finally arrived. When he came to the car to greet me I felt so lucky to have him here. He loves everything I love hunting, hiking, fishing - well except for swimming but we're working on that.

Now that he is getting out of the puppy stage he is becoming that great companion I envisioned when I found you and your Airedales.

I just have to thank you for giving me such a great boy!


Just wanted to let you know Porsche is doing terrific. The car ride home was uneventful – she basically slept most of the way in Andrew’s arms. She has done her “business” outside a couple of times, including number 2. We confined her by herself a little while and she was not happy at all – she has some pretty healthy lungs! The next time I put her in her playpen I included the t-shirts with the smells of her mommy and siblings and it was like magic – she laid on them and went to sleep. Thanks for that great tip!!!

She ate around 6 and we will feed her again around 9:30. She has a very healthy appetite and has been playing and having a good time. The dog walker came by to meet her and fell in love. Porsche was very charming with her

We will keep you posted. Let Mindy know that her baby is in good hands.


Well it’s official, we are all in love! I think we’ve settled on a name…Penny (considering it was a penny that decided her fate). I hope Miss Yellow was taken by the family coming right after us.

Well she is fitting in perfectly! Jack is really amazed by her. She is having fun trying to push the cats around, but they have other ideas.  Housebreaking is going really well, I just have to take her out a 1000 times a day and she’s perfect. I tell her “hurry up” and she does her business almost instantly, partly because she is cold and wants to come back in to play. I of course think she is very smart! I can tell she lived with boys for a while because she loves to play fetch! It is just the cutest thing to see.

I want to thank you and John for the opportunity to have such a wonderful addition to our family. She is really lovely! I’ve attached a picture of her with Jack, they have become fast friends.

Thank you again,

Eve is wonderful and doing well. She is quite affectionate which is quite a bonus. She and Lizzie are working out their relationship. I see it progress a little everyday. She is my shadow and quite the mommy's helper. It's as if she's been with us forever and it's only been a week.

Lizzie is doing well with Eve's addition. I've continued obedience training with her. Our instructor understands terriers and helps me to channel her energy. Lizzie and Eve chase each other in the yard quite a bit. Lizzie often tries to get a rise out of Eve. Eve takes a bit and then puts Lizzie in her place. I think that Eve has had a positive influence on Lizzie.

Kindest regards,

Just wanted to let you know how happy we and Nola are. After she arrived, she scouted the house and yard, and within an hour acted as if she was raised here, she's full of life, well behaved and enjoys every minute. She has been introduced to our friends, and loved them all. She is happy, lively, comfortable, and so much fun.


Cody is doing splendidly... she's growing rapidly, and has adjusted much more quickly than we anticipated to her new life. Yesterday we took a long walk in Rock Creek Park, where she met other dogs, babies in strollers, rollerbladers, and cyclists for the first time: nothing phased her!

She seems to love the house, which has room to romp, as well as the backyard. We both dote on her and she's adapted well to the crate, feeding schedule, and your other extremely helpful puppy pack advice, all of which we follow to the letter. It's clear her breeding has given her a wonderful disposition, and we're both very grateful to you.

Wishing you & John and all the pups a happy, healthy new year


Scout is a great dog, and I know that he is the result of your caring and thoughtful breeding practice. He is so very smart and beautiful, (sometimes he is just a bit to clever). Thank you again for the opportunity to own one of your special Airedales!




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