Why Choose JOVAL
as Your New Puppy's Breeder

The goal of the JOVAL Airedales breeding program is to improve the health & temperament of the breed while
conforming to the AKC breed standard. Since the vast majority of our puppies are placed as companions in loving homes,
we need to make sure they will live long, happy & healthy lives.

So, What makes JOVAL stand above and special when compared to other breeders?
Why should you consider buying a puppy from us?...



JOVAL's Impeccable Foundation and Outstanding Pedigreed Stock

The foundation of our line, BIS Eng & Am CH Jokyl Flashback, was imported from a well-known and respected English Kennel and has an impeccable pedigree that is complete through a minimum of 10 generations.

JOVAL has built upon and improved from this foundation of genetics and we are now in our 7th subsequent generation. We have produced many champions as well as many famous & notable dogs in the United States and around the world.

While we have bred the #1 Airedale in the U.S. for the past 3 consecutive years, we are still striving to improve something in every litter we produce. The main reason for us to have a litter is not for the purpose of selling puppies, but to keep one of the puppies from what our experience tells us is a good combination of parents and continue our hobby & breeding program. Thus, we put a lot of extra thought into every litter we produce.

All JOVAL Puppies are Raised in Our Home and in a Family Setting

Our puppies are raised with love & affection and we take great pains to ensure the health and well-being of each of our babies. They are very well socialized and are exposed to every aspect of the "home environment" including noises, other pets, children, different people, etc... 

All JOVAL Breeding Stock are Extensively Health Tested
Before Entering the Program and Throughout their Lives

It is true that no breeder can 100% guarantee the health of any animal but, through maintaining careful breeding standards including extensive health and genetic screening and scoring of all breeding stock, we make every effort possible to avoid problems. Since we are not a "high volume kennel" we can be very selective in planning the direction of the JOVAL line and are proud of the puppies we produce.

HIPS: Hip Dysplasia is a very real concern for large breed dogs like Airedales. Where most breeders use only one scoring method (or sometimes none) We at JOVAL take the Extra Step & when possible utilize TWO methodologies of screening the Hips of our Breeding Animals.  We use BOTH the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals) rating system AND the newer Penn Hip "laxity distraction" scoring system. Each of these methods focuses on a different aspect of the hip joint, but, by using BOTH, we are able to gain the most insight into the health of that joint.

KIDNEYS: All of our dogs receive regular urinalysis & Urine Protein Creatinine tests done to screen for Protein Loosing Neuropathy and other Kidney Diseases.

HEART: OFA Cardiac Disease Screening is another test that we perform on all our animals to ensure that their hearts are healthy, strong and free of congenital heart defects.

THYROID: All of our dogs receive yearly bloodwork to test for hypothyroidism.

ELBOWS: Elbow Dysplasia is less common or well-known as Hip Dysplasia, but it still a concern with large breeds. As such, we screen our breeding animals for this condition using the OFA Elbow Dysplasia Rating system.

GENERAL HEALTH:  All of our dogs receive yearly physical exams, radiographs, urinalysis and bloodwork screenings to check for ANY possible underlying disease(s)

All JOVAL Puppies & Dogs are Temperament Tested and Family-Matched

Since we at JOVAL Airedales want to ensure the long-term happiness of both the puppies and their new families, the more we get to know each puppy, the better we can match a family's idea of their "perfect Airedale" with the puppy that best fits. We utilize the "Puppy Head Start" early development program and continually evaluate, shape and reinforce the personalities of each puppy from their birth until they go to their new homes.

Throughout the many years of our program, we have become very experienced in the "temperament testing" all of our puppies and we welcome you to visit our Testimonials Page and read what other Joval Buyers have to say about our program & their personal experience of purchasing one of our dogs.

The JOVAL Informational "Welcome Packet" of Invaluable Information

All JOVAL Clients will receive an Extensive "Welcome Packet" of information specially compiled to assist them in the acclimation of their new pup to its new home and throughout their life. This packet includes information on recommended foods & supplements, vaccination timeframes, their daily schedule, and helpful hints which speak to a wide variety of Airedale ownership. We STRONGLY URGE every new owner to FULLY review this information BEFORE they take possession of their new family member. This is to ensure the puppy's transition and acclimation is as easy as possible. We also provide articles and training guides to the new owner to assist them in their personal "Airedale Education".

JOVAL Provides Lifetime Support for our "Extended JOVAL Airedale Families"

Throughout the life of the dog, JOVAL will be available to answer any question that may arise. The happiness of the entire family is our goal and we can offer suggestions on many situations - whether they be for training, behavior or health - and make recommendations as appropriate. The sooner you contact us if there is a problem, the sooner we can be of help.

We also offer the reassurance that in the event of an emergency family situation where the dog can no longer be adequately cared for, we will accept them back for re-homing so that they will not fall into a "rescue situation". Full details are outlined in the Purchase Contract.

All JOVAL Puppies Sold are Micro-chipped, Vaccinated, Dewormed & Health-Checked

Before any Puppy is released to their new home, they will have been Micro-chipped, undergone their first health check by a veterinarian and received their first course of vaccines. They will also have been prophylactically de-wormed with an anti-parasitic and have had a fecal exam to make sure they are clear at the time of pick-up. A record of this information is included on a Health "report card" to take to your personal vet.

The JOVAL Health Guarantee

Joval stands behind each of the puppies that we breed and sell by guaranteeing the health of our puppies in three ways...

1)  We provide a "72 Hour" General Health Guarantee -  If within 72 hours of delivery the puppy is found to be of unsatisfactory health by another veterinarian we will refund the purchase price or offer a “replacement” puppy from a subsequent litter.**

2)  We Provide a "First Year" Guarantee - If your puppy dies within the First Year of life from a a pre-existing genetic condition we will provide a “replacement” puppy from future litter at no charge.**

3)  We provide a "No-Hip Dysplasia" Guarantee within the first year of life.**

**Specific Details of our Health Guarantees are fully outlined in the Purchase Contract

JOVAL is an AKC Breeder of Merit

As there are many breeders to choose from, the AKC has established a program to set the "elite" breeders apart from the pack, and the JOVAL Kennel was accepted into and has been a member of this program since its inception.

Only Breeders who maintain programs which adhere to a strict standard of quality may display the Breeder of Merit Emblem.

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** Now Accepting a Limited number of Reservations **

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Trevor & Ellie's Late Spring Litter
** All Puppies have been Reserved **

Trevor Ellie
Joval's Guardian of the Galaxy

Penn Hip (0.51, 0.53)
OFA Hips Good (AT-6253G26M-C-VPI)
OFA Elbows Normal (AT-EL724M26-C-VPI)
OFA Cardiac Normal (AT-BCA84/26M/P-VPI)
OFA CHIC#188476

AM CH Joval On Wings Of Light

Penn Hip (0.49, 0.46)
OFA Hips Good (AT-6229G42F-C-VPI)
OFA Elbows Normal (AT-EL709F42-C-VPI)
OFA Cardiac Normal (AT-BCA10/15F/P-VPI)



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