Joval Smart Money

Pedigree of  Joval Smart Money

Reg No. AKC/RN04031901 Breed Airedale Terrier
Date of Birth 12/06/2004 Color Black & Tan
Sex Male Call Name Ben
Owner Monica & Borje Gustaffson Hip Score OFA: Preliminary (GOOD)
Swedish Hip Score 'B'
Breeder Dr. Valeria Rickard DNA Profile  

Eng CH Jokyl Just As Smart
TKC/ 2929CF
BVA 2:2

Eng CH Jokyl American Express
TKC/0346CA    BVA 7:6

BIS, Eng CH Jokyl Gallipants
TKC/ 2973BR    BVA 8:9

Eng CH Jokyl American Dream
BVA 11:15

Eng CH Jokyl Another Smartie
TKC/4911BV    BVA 6:6

Eng CH Jokyl Smart Set
BVA 8:8

Eng CH Jokyl Swanky Pants

Am CH Joval A Moment Of Glory
AKC/ RM34188602 OFA-34G 4/27/2001

BIS, Am CH Serendipity's Eagle's Wings
AKC/RM06559001    OFA-26F    8/14/1992

BIS, Eng, Am CH Florac King of Scots at Stargus
AKC/RB292902    OFA-32G    1/8/1990

Am CH Serendipity's Hosanna
AKC/ RB-301870    OFA-35G    2/13/1989

BIS, Eng, Am CH Jokyl Flashback
AKC/RM31955501    OFA-47G; BVA 7:4    9/22/1996

BIS, Aust CH Stanstead That'll Do for Jokyl
TKC/2033CG    BVA 4:6    3/25/1995

Ginger Dreamtime at Jokyl
TKC/ P0489701P03    BVA 12:16    10/1/1988

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