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*** Our April Litter is HERE ***
Now Accepting Reservations (Male Puppies Only)
Note that some of the puppies from this litter will be left with undocked tails

Please fill out our Puppy Questionnaire and
Contact us for Pedigree & Details

** Retired JOVAL Champion Adult Placement Program **
Contact us for Pedigree & Details

If you live close to us and would like to have a well-behaved adult dog from us, consider this:
We are looking for local families that are willing to work with us and assist us with our breeding program.
If you are approved and qualify for one of our adult dogs, (most of which are finished Champions in the conformation ring)
you can have one of our well behaved and trained adults. These are the dogs that have been raised by us from birth
and have always lived on our premises.

While they remain active members of our breeding program, the dog will be living with you, in your household
and will be a full family member. As active members of our breeding program,
we will need the dog back for a short time(s) to fulfill their breeding obligations.
All of the breeding activities will be done at our cost and the only commitment from you is to make the dog available.
Then, once the dog has completed their breeding career, they will be spayed or neutered
and will then live out the rest of their life - permanently residing in your home.

If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to discuss this further,
please don't hesitate to contact us at joval@jovalairedales.com.

* JOVAL Youngster Placement Program *

If you live relatively close to us and would like to have a well-behaved youngster pup from us, consider this:
We are looking for local families that are willing to work with us and assist us with continuing our breeding program.

We will be willing to let one of the pups that we kept for ourselves for FUTURE SHOWING AND BREEDING go and live with you,
If in return, you will be willing to work with us to continue the showing and breeding success of our kennel.
The program is pretty simple... You raise and maintain the dog as you would normally otherwise,
with the emphasis on health and safety. You will also maintain the routine grooming schedule as usual,
and we will direct you to an excellent groomer nearby that can assist you with that.
In return, you will make the dog available to us for showing, which will be done at our expense...
And then later on for breeding, which will also be done at our expense.
So, the only thing that is required from you, is to maintain the safety and health of the dog and just a little bit of time
to make the dog available to us.

If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to discuss this further,
please don't hesitate to contact us at joval@jovalairedales.com

The goal of the JOVAL Airedales breeding program is to improve the overall health of the breed
while conforming to the AKC breed standard
in both temperament and physical characteristics (conformation)...
At JOVAL, we go over and above through an extensive health and genetic screening and scoring of all breeding stock
to make sure our puppies will live long, happy & healthy lives..

If you are interested in a puppy, click Here to learn why JOVAL stands above other breeders and
Why YOU Should Buy YOUR Puppy from JOVAL... Then Complete our Prospective Owner Questionnaire.

You may also visit our Puppy Page to read about the process we follow,
and also If you have ANY questions along the way, feel free to email us...

Home of the #1 Airedale in the U.S. for 2013, 2014 & 2015
Home of the Best of Breed Westminster Winner 2014 & 2015
Home of a Best of Breed World Dog Show Winner
Named Best Airedale Kennel at the World Dog Show
Home of a Best of Breed Crufts Winner
Home of National Championship (Bowl) Winners 2012, 2013 & 2015

BIS GOLD Grand Champion Joval Sweet Time




BIS GOLD Grand Champion & Can CH Joval Angel's Whisper

Wispa 2012-02-14 Westminster KC - Best of Opposite Sex

JOVAL Airedales is VERY proud of the Quality of our dogs. That quality is well demonstrated by our success in the show (conformation) ring. Joval Dogs are consistent winners at All Major Airedale Terrier Specialty shows and our dogs have been placed in the Top 10 in the USA for the past 10 years. Over the years we have bred more than 50 Champions in the U.S. as well as numerous other countries.

At the same time, we have enriched the lives of many families through placement of our Healthy, Happy and Fun-loving companion puppies as demonstrated by the many emails, letters and pictures we receive featured in our Testimonials and Gallery pages.

We welcome you to our website and hope it allows you to celebrate and enjoy our Airedales as much as we do.



"Allie & Benjamin"


Valeria, I know I've told you how much I love my aires I purchased from you but I just want to tell you again. Sometimes I look at Allie and Benjamin and find myself so thrilled and happy to own them. They are such a BIG part of our lives and bring so much happiness and joy.


We get so many compliments about them and I am so proud to talk about them. I can't imagine my life without them. These two pictures are them on a camping trip with us.


Again, you do such a good job with the breed and I'm glad I found you
to purchase a breed I absolutely love.


Forever thankful,

JOVAL - Adult Available



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Dr. Valeria Rickard & John Rickard
Leesburg, VA

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